About OTTBs

On this blog, you may see the letters "OTTTB" a lot. If you are not a regular horse person, you may be scratching you head about what OTTTB means! An "OTTTB" is an Off The Track Thoroughbred - off the track meaning former racer horse. These are horses retired from racing for whatever reason, being used in other disciplines.
Unfortunately many racehorses end up in bad situations and even slaughtered in Canada and Mexico after their careers are over.
There are many organizations and individuals like myself out there who procure these horses, re-train them and find them loving homes.
 Contrary to what many people think, OTTBs excel in many disciplines, not just English ones like jumping, dressage and cross country. OTTBs can do anything you teach them to do - some even become ranch horses and work cattle.
 OTTBs are not all high strung, half wild and love to run... while they can be quirky and even a little bit odd, they're some of the best horses I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and have made it my life mission to help and assist these horses whenever I can, in finding a new life and a happy home. 

Below are some photos at the racetrack and stable where we picked up some horses in 2010.

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