Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One Day......

One of my big dreams is to one day ride sidesaddle...... I have always been fascinated with it; and how elegant it is. As a kid I used to hang my leg over a western saddle horn and ride that way for kicks and giggles. Now, as a big girl, I want to try the real thing. I went to a sidesaddle clinic this past winter with my 4-H group and was hooked. All I need is to get the saddle; which entails saving the money for one, as a good one is not cheap. Then I get to have fum making a Victorian riding habit, and all kinds of frilly "princess dresses" so that I can flounce around on horseback like every girl dreams of doing at some point in their lives.
I don't know about anyone else, but plain old breeches and hunt coats with the same old tall boots and velvet hunt cap gets boring after ten (plus) years of showing.
I think I will have to get my horses some training before we could do this, however. No amount of pretty dresses can make my hunter horses do advanced dressage. (Pause the playlist in the sidebar to the right before playing the video, by clicking on the pause button front and center.)

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