Thursday, June 21, 2012

More of Nell

We took Nell and a couple of the other horses to a de-spooking clinic last weekend.

I decided I am no good at this Natural Horsemanship stuff on the ground. In the round pen I feel clumsy, un coordinated and confused. So I am sure that Nell feels this way too.

Thankfully David stepped in and helped out. I think she appreciated him a lot more. 

I am so much better at working horses under saddle than on the ground/ at liberty.

I would love to be one of those masterful horse people that can work multiple horses at liberty using only a stick to point and voice commands and get the horses to do things that would blow your mind.

I just do not have the skills nor do I think I ever will have the skills.

I have much more confidence in my riding.

I've also decided that Nell must have been switched with a Quarter Horse foal at birth; because she is so unlike all the other TBs I have ridden in my life. She jogs like a Quarter Horse; she's even built like a QH - or at least an appendix QH. If it weren't for her lip tattoo I'd think she was a full blooded AQHA mare.

I joked to Kevin that I need to change her name to "Switch" because of this.

Ha, ha.

Anyways.... still hoping to make some progress with Nell so I can begin riding her.

I am on the verge of forgetting this round pen stuff and just skip right to the riding part; even if it means getting tossed on my butt a few times.

It's tempting but I am going to keep trying.


  1. I am with you Hosanna. I am better on the horse than off and I don't believe in round pens. But, I go much further - I am not a believer in lunging either. Weird, I know. It took me years to figure out that my legs and seat and shifting when I am on a horse bareback and bitless is way more effective. Everyone has to do what works and feels right to them and is kind to the horse. That is the best way. Follow your gut feeling. I'd rather be tossed any day of the week than send a confused message/unkind message to a horse.

  2. She is beautiful! :) When I first started our round pen natural horseman ship, I was soooooo terrible.
    What I do like about it is how it translates into riding, but it's not always necessary. For me, it was a great stepping stool in communication and we use it out on the trails, walks, etc. I'm never in a round pen anymore-I don't even have one!