Sunday, February 21, 2010

Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake

This weekend was gorgeous. (By Winter standards.) Up in the 50's Saturday and Sunday.

Did I get to ride my horses?


And I am a little bit depressed about it.

It's been bad enough, working all the time, no daylight to ride, and every single weekend for the past month or two, it has snowed, rained, iced, or been so windy you can't accomplish anything out doors.

I have not been on one of my horses since Christmas, y'all; and it's starting to get to me. I am getting depressed about it.

So yesterday, I was baby sitting for my niece; and I got to the barn and managed to lounge Jazz for about 15-20 min. She was great. Such a good girl.

Today hubby and I head to the barn to ride, and the owners were there, for the first time in awhile; (we lease our barn on some one else's property) and my sister and her friend were there; none of whom I was expecting.

So I brushed horses, saddled them, and everyone took off for a trail ride.

And I stayed at the barn and listened to Mozart and cleaned Jett's nasty stall and listened to Millie and Cisco (who are a.) not broke in and b.) elderly and arthritic) make a racket because they were left behind.

It was really great for the horses to get out and have exercise; and I am so grateful to our friend Ted for riding my TB/Perch cross mare who's training has been so neglected. I am grateful that Kevin took Jazz and she behaved so astonishingly well in light of how bad she freaked on the trail last time she was out.
I am so glad the owner's wife got her first ride on one of my horses ever, had a blast, and Prinny was an angel for her.
I am grateful that the owner gets along so well with my Major and thinks he's the greatest (I agree). And I am thrilled that my sister got to take Jett out and he was so happy too.

But even though I am glad because all that really matters is that the horses get worked and ridden and loved.....

I feel so dang bummed out. Because I am selfish and wanted to ride, because riding makes me feel useful and feel better and gives me perspective and relaxes me. I wanted to ride for me. Selfish, I know.

I mean I am totally in the dumps right now. Rain comes in tomorrow for the next two days; and after that, they're talking more snow.


I am afraid I have bitten off more than I can chew with four TBs in training. With a full time job, nasty weather, and no daylight, I am getting exactly NOTHING accomplished.

I have to re-certify with CHA (Certified Horsemanship Assoc.) in May; so I have to complete my 40 hrs. of continuing education; which means auditing a bunch of boring dressage lessons at the nearby University ES program; meaning less riding time until I get it done. If I don't, I loose my hard earned instructor certification.

4-H started back up, but it is too cold to do barn activities with the kids, so we're stuck doing classroom stuff. That is unfulfilling.

I seriously need a cupcake.

And some perspective.

Three cheers for Daylight Savings time and Spring.................!!!!!

(And three cheers for the lemon cupcakes I made, with coconut cream frosting.)

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  1. I feel your pain. What with going to class full time and working part time all I have time to do is muck and feed. :/