Sunday, April 4, 2010


My month long stint of working 100 hours a week is over today! I am so frigging excited!'

From now on I plan on devoting a lot more time to Jazz so she can be placed in a new home, and Montana, with all his issues.

All three are shedding out, of course, and they shed out to being nearly bald! Today I plan on bathing Montana, his skin/coat condition is pretty nasty.

I rode for the first time since Major's death the other day. It is my policy to never ride when I am at the farm alone; after as many falls, crashes, and accidents I've had with horses, I cannot afford to get hurt and have no one know where I am. But I did ride her, in her paddock, at a walk. There are many things you can do with a "green" horse in training. For that lesson, I was schooling her in responding to leg pressure. (Away from.) And bending. One thing I have noticed about these OTTTBs is that they don't quite get "soft" and bend readily. They tend to like to lean on the bit.

(But not nearly as bad as a spotted saddle horse/shire cross fox hunting horse named "Johnathan" I rode in one my my instructor clinics at Zion Farms, in Georgia. This horse would snatch that bit and nearly yank your arms off, pulling you out of the saddle and rattling your teeth out of your head in the process. NONE of the TBs I have ridden are this bad.)

So we had a talk about that. She really is a good girl; a bit "mare-ish", but a good girl.

I have also been thinking about when to get another horse. Major was "my" horse. He was the one that I had decided to keep, and event. When he died, all my desire to show, compete, and ride at all this year died with him.

I've had a couple of offers on horses already, and I just cannot get motivated to pursue any of the offers right now. I think once I place Jazz and get our Quarter Pony sold, maybe I will be ready to begin again, with a clean slate.....

Anyway, I'll be posting some pics, and maybe videos of the horses. I have never posted videos of them on this blog before!

So....... stay tuned. :D

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