Monday, February 21, 2011

Vintage Jodphurs!

LOVE these vintage jodphurs I bought on Etsy. They're from the 30's - 40's, I'm guessing. They're a little bit big for me but easily customized to fit.
They're from back in the days when almost all riding gear was unisex; women had to wear smaller men's sizes. They're surprisingly comfortable to wear, and made from a soft cotton twill that has been nicely broken in.
I was inspired by Nicole Kidman's 1930s riding outfits in the movie "Australia" when she went cattle droving with Hugh Jackman. *Swoon*
I wonder what funny looks I'd get if I wore these to ride in a show, clinic, or trail ride?
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  1. You know, they look SUPER comfortable. I swear, when riding in the Cali heat, I probably would've killed for a pair of those. The super tight ones always pinched and seemed to hold the heat in SO much.

    I think it's a cute look! The shirt is adorable too. :)

  2. Hello Hosanna, I didn't realize you had another blog or that you had horses for that matter. I used to have horses when I lived up in Canada and sometimes I think about getting another now that I'm finally living on a little farm. I'm looking forward to reading more about the two horses you brought back from the race track especially the chestnut that you were keeping. It sounds like this was going to be an interesting story to say the least! I hope the young one with the knee problem recovered fully in the end. Love your Jodhpurs by the way!
    Maura :)