Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fighting Flies!

So warm weather is upon us, bringing with it annoying insects at the barn. Flies make the horses miserable, and me miserable trying to fight them. It seems like no matter what products I try, nothing really works all that well. I do the usual flymasks to keep the bugs out of their faces; but discovered that flysheets are pretty much useless and only get destroyed in the pasture.
Right now I am using Repel-X concentrate, which keeps most of the flies at bay for about as long as I am riding, but that's it. I love the Supersheild Green; but that doesn't work much better. It smells better, though. Here are some things I have tried to repel the pests in the past; and a few I have heard people talk about but never tried:

- Adding white vinegar to the bottle of flys pray
- Using a dryer sheet on the horse's face
- Tea Tree oil solution
- Avon Skin-So-Soft (I have not tried this.)
- Listerine - this is something I heard today.

So, anybody have any ideas on other things that work? For people or for horses/animals?

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