Thursday, May 21, 2009

Snow Babies

I am posting some older photos of the horses, because they are cute, and because I have not taken any good shots of the horses recently. These were taken in March of this year after the "blizzard" here. We had just turned the horses out of their stalls, and they were playing in the snow like children. In the first photo, Red is chasing Halley; even though Red is 14 hands, and 1000 lbs; and Halley is near 17 hands and 1400 lbs. Red is 23, and as the offspring of our first horse we go tin 1986, has been with our family since birth, and is more like the family dog than a horse in the barn. He has carried 2 generations of our family's children on his back and in horse shows.
In the next photo, we see Princess, my Paint mare, and one of my more recent additions. I think she is trying to figure out where all the grass went, and if the snow is edible. You can also see the circles they ran in the paddock.
The last one shows the back pasture with the riding arena, and the pool in the back yard, looking more like a pond in the middle of all the snow.......

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