Saturday, May 30, 2009

Update on Major

Earlier in the week Kevin and I took a nice evening ride; Kevin on his OTTTB, Jett, and me on - who else?- Major. Jett was used as a "pony" on the track for a while, after knee surgery and retirement from racing there, so he came to us with a little bit of "regular" riding experience. (More on Jett later....) So on our trail ride the other day, Jett was great. Major, however, has never been ridden outside the arena or a fenced paddock. Nevertheless, Jett took the lead and I sent Major right along after him. (I had put on my spurs, by the way... I hesitated to get out the dressage whip.) Major had such a good time on his first trail ride! He got a little frantic when Jett would get out of sight, but other than that, he was loving it. He was walking with a "pep in his step", looking around, ears up, happy expression..... we even trotted! He didn't panic when we rode along the creek, with it's boulders and birds and water noise; he didn't freak when the other horses started calling to us; he was pretty steady the whole time... with the expected excitement of the first time out of the arena. We are so happy with Major! All the horses make us happy, of course, but we are thrilled with how well he is doing so soon!

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