Saturday, December 19, 2009


I can't remember the last time we had this much snow on the ground before Christmas! Around here, 6-8 inches is a blizzard! Here's the barn after the storm passed:

Kevin "busts" the snow off the round bales of hay we place in the paddocks for the horses to snack on in between meals of their regular hay and grain. This is especially important for my two skinnies, Jazz and Montana, who have been struggling with their weight recently. I don't know why, but every one of the horses from the track has gone through a period of weight loss to one degree or another, usually about two months into being off the track. It is usually accompanied by depression, or as in Montana's and Gunny's case, some aggression. It usually lasts a month or two, and they come out of it. The weight loss disturbs me, though. I baby them and fret alot during these "episodes." I call it the "Slippery Slope", and I feel like I I just trudge away up the slippery slope, pulling them behind me, till we reach the top and breathe a sigh of relief!
Jazz is pulling out of it; gaining back weight - but Montana still looks thin and ribby. I think I will de worm them again, and keep on with the rice bran and high fat feed. That seems to do the trick. It is just a slow process.

Montana looking a little stunned; like, "How come you turned us out in this?!" I did; I hate to keep them cooped up day after day. They're ok with blankets.

Blankeys drying in the barn isle.....
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  1. We got your snow too! We were packed and ready to head down your way on our way to Florida. Instead we are cold and snowed in here in PA! Keep warm!