Friday, December 11, 2009


It finally got seriously cold here in Virginia. We had been enjoying very mild weather; albeit rainy and chilly up until now. Last night we had a good freeze.
I blanketed the horses and left them turned out; they seem to enjoy this more than being cooped up in their stalls all the time.
I decided to leave them blanketed all day today, as it is going to stay cold, and with the windchill, feel colder.
I had to break ice off the horse's water and add fresh water to their slush.

Jett in his cheery red balnkey


Water drops on Jett's muzzle

There was a hawk in the barn this morning; he soared out of the door in front of me and landed on a fence post; looking at me.
Once I rescued an owl and took it to a rehab center for raptors. Several weeks later, they contacted me and gave me the option of releasing her back into the wild myself. I was overjoyed and picked her up from the center. I released her into the woods at my parent's horse farm.
Ever since, I have loved raptors, and think they are so magnificent and noble. I am not into Native American folklore, myths; etc. But I have always thought that if the "spirit guide" thing were something I believed in, the hawk would be my "guide".
So when I saw the hawk in the barn this morning, and then on my fence; I liked to think it was "message" of sorts. I've been feeling cruddy recently about my whole equine predicament; depressed about the death of my dog and my lack of good riding time, and my two skinnies struggling with their weight. The hawk inspired me this morning and I just thought I'd spread the experience! Hope everyone is having a great Holiday season so far!
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  1. Hang in there, Hosanna. It is cold and depressing this time of year!

  2. Gunny looks quite a bit like my last horse! He was a 17.3 hand dapple grey TB. :)

    The cows don't chew on the fence-they like to lean against it though. I've never heard of a horse chewing high tinsel. hrm. Do they crib? i had to get a cribbing collar for my last QH. He was horrible about it and would crib on ANYTHING.

  3. No, they just chew on it. They get bored I think. I do have on TB who chews in his stall, though