Friday, June 26, 2009

4-H Fun

I am a "co-advisor" (Leader) of a 4-H group in Caswell County, NC. The number one advisor is THIS lady, Jane, who instructs in Averett University's Equestrian Program. Jane has been a friend of the family for a very long time; having met her when we attended the same church. Jane has been a great influence in my equine career, and was influential in getting me lessons with her Senior students when I was a teenager, which really inspired me and taught me alot, also. Here, Jane is teaching the 4-H group about bridle parts in the Averett University Tack room.

Here, Jane teaches in the barn aisle about taking apart and putting together a bridle. The dog is Jane's dog, "Flo."

Here, I assist a student with figuring out which part goes where! I know, I don't look so happy, but we were concentrating real hard.
It is important to me, as a horse person, to spend time doing things like this to pass along my love and knowledge of horses to the next generation, as others did for me when I was a youngster.
I want to make other young kid's horse dreams come true; so I volunteer my time to do so; and enjoy every minute.
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  1. Hosanna - Congrats on the Honest Scrap award - read the top of my post and it gives all the directions about how to pass it on, etc.

  2. Wow, this brings back memories....haven't seen the inside of that barn since we were 15!