Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Substitute" Teaching with my Boys

Today I went to visit two of my guys that are leased out while I am not instructing; Red and Cavort. My friend Ann, who has them, asked me if I'd give her two young beginner students their first mounted lesson on "my boys". Of course, I agreed! Two things I love more than anything: my horses and teaching youngsters! Here, we sort out where one's feet should be in the stirrup. This cute little bay horse is Cavort! Cool story about Cavort: I first met him when I volunteered at a Therapeutic Riding Center. He was too crazy for handicapped children. (He is TB/Arab, out of an Arab mare. My sister calls him "Arab-Anglo", instead of Anglo-Arab. Tee Hee.) The director of the center sent him home with me for the summer (I was 15) to work with him. After that, he was used in lessons for non-challenged riders, and I rode him myself for many basic dressage and jumping lessons; till I started riding and showing two OTTTBs. Then the director sold him, and I didn't see him for years, and figured he fell off the face of the earth. (He is in an odd saddle pad combo, as he has a "roached" back and is hard to fit. If it isn't just so, he can get a sore back.)

Then I got a call from the person who bought him years later - she was moving; would I take him an board him till she fixed a place for him? I took him. A few months later she called again - she didn't want him anymore, she was getting on with her life. So, my parents bought him for my little sister Noelle, and she schooled him, took him to camp, and showed his buns off, winning stuff left and right. He is now aged, but still going strong. If I rode him in lessons when I was 15 and I am now 28, he is well into his 20s at least. I have known him 13 years.... wow. My dad calls him "Berserk", as he is a little high strung sometimes. He is also quirky about trailers: he loads right up, but has to ride facing backwards or he freaks out. So we indulge him; loading him up and then turning him around so he can see where he's been on the highway..... he loves it. :)

I haven't been teaching for about a year, but I still love it. It is what I am best at! Communicating and transferring my love and knowledge of horses to kids and watching as they soak it all up and become skilled riders. I love the look kids get when something clicks for them, and suddenly, the get it! It makes sense! Then the run with it, and I just watch in amazement. I am certified to instruct through CHA - Certified Horsemanship Association. Check them out. (When you go to the site, there's a picture of a huge barn with a picture window - that's Zion Farms in Georgia, where I did one of my clinics. Gorgeous place.) My motto is: "Good riding=Happy Horses=Safe riders."

Check out Red's rear end. The girls are calling him Sponge Bob Square Butt". He really does have a weight problem and my vet is always cautioning me; he foundered once many years ago and we have to be careful about his diet now. Ann says she thinks he has lost a little; and with more riding activity, he'll loose even more.
This Little girl is riding in a 150 year old Calvary saddle that was refurbished. A non-conventional lesson saddle, but Red is so hard to fit. I tried the saddle, and it was quite comfy. Great job on your first lesson on the guys, Becka and Allie! (I'm sorry if I didn't get you names or their spellings right. I am terrible with that.) I can't wait till I start teaching part time (or full time?) again. Thanks for asking me, Ann!
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  1. Adorable! Chubby Red is so cute and Cavort's story is heartwarming. You got him back after all those years!