Saturday, June 27, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Well, I'll be darned! Juliette over at Honeysuckle Faire gave me a "Honest Scrap Award"! Thanks, Juliette! Juliette retrains OTTTBs in PA. She also is a great artist, and I love her "retro" style paintings! You can buy them at her Etsy Shop This award requires that I tell you readers 10 random things about myself, pass it along to 10 other people (I don't know that many bloggers, I've only been doing this a couple months!) and link back to the person who gave it to me. I had to sit and think of 10 random things about me that you might not know. (Actually, two of you just might know all 10 things, seeing as we grew up together.....ahem....) Here goes:

1. I play classical piano. I started lessons when I was 8 and took till I was about 20. I haven't played seriously in a while though. My piano needs work.

2. I hate wearing shoes. I'd much rather go barefoot. It must come from living in Florida as a kid. If I have to wear shoes, (in warm weather, anyway) I wear flip flops. I even wear flip flops to turn out the horses, and sometimes, to pick out their stalls. I know, gross, right? - but, I hardly ever get stepped on. And I only do it sometimes!

3. I can't drive stick-shift.

4. I snore, talk in my sleep, and sleep walk. There are some funny stories there, let me tell you.

5. I babysat a set of twins, and a set of triplets as a teenager.

6. I met my husband at our favorite horse feed and tack store.

7. I love watching Saturday Night Live; if I can stay up for it. I love crazy, random humor.

8. I love lemon and lime desserts: lemon pie, key lime pie, lemon bars, lemon cookies, lemon cake with lemon icing (My wedding cake was lemon) lemon curd, lemonade, limeade, lemon candy- lemon and lime anything is always my favorite. I like it better than chocolate (GASP!).

9. I have natural blond highlights in my hair, especially in summer.

10. I hate wearing riding breeches, and try to only wear them if I am riding at a show or a parade, or something. They make my seat feel slippery. I suppose I need to try full seat breeches, and maybe I'd like them better.

The people I pick for this award are: (I'm sorry, I can't come up with 10)

Honeysucke Faire (I know, you already got it, but enjoy anyway)
Equus Villa
Riding Aside
Herb of Grace
Further Up and Further In

There is also a picture of the award but I could not get it copied to my blog. I am just too new at this stuff. But you can go get it at Honeysuckle Faire!! Enjoy!


  1. Hosanna! I love your list! I like lemon and lime desserts too! Hooray!

  2. Thanks for letting us know more about you - it's always interesting to hear that our horse blogging crowd does more than horses!