Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update on Gunny

Well, I was right about Gunny, my dapple gray OTTTB. As soon as the farrier cut a little way into the sole of his sore foot this morning, there was a stream of blood, pus, and yucky, brown, smelly ooze. I have never seen an abscess with such a nasty, brown ooze as this. Blood and pus, sure, but this was............... nasty. Poor, poor Gunny. I was so glad the appointment was today; as he could hardly move this morning, and looked like he just wanted to die. He dug a little more into the hoof, and then quit, because the abscess is so big, it could take up the entire sole, and he didn't want to make a hole that big. Of course, we couldn't put shoes on him in this condition, so he put a temporary wrap on it, and we stalled him for the afternoon. He instantly seemed to walk better, and started eating his hay - which he hasn't been very hip on in the past few days.
Kevin is going to pick up hoof pack, diapers, more duct tape, Iodine, and Epsom salt on his way home from work, and we're going to soak and pack his hoof; and make him a classic baby diaper boot. I am debating about getting an antibiotic from my vet........
Jett had hives this morning, and all three are loosing hair on their backs and rumps from the rain rot. Sigh............ but, it is sunny and warm out today!! :)
Today was a great teachable moment for my 4-Hers who just happened to be at the barn for a Officer's meeting. They got to see the whole thing, and learn about what an abscess is and how it is treated; as well as rain rot, and loss of condition in horses like Gunny.
At least now I know what to treat, and now Gunny will start feeling better. And, I feel better because of it.

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