Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Shoes

The horses had a visit from their second favorite guy today...... the Farrier! (David.) Their first favorite guy is the VET! (Paul.)
Jazz, Jett, and Gunny got new shoes. My horses get more expensive shoes than me, and more often, also.
Montana had his racing shoes pulled off and will go barefoot for a few days to see how he is.
Spencer had his abscess opened so it drains better. Luckily it is not as bad a the one Gunny had earlier this summer when he was so ill from it. Spencer will go barefoot also; as he is going to another owner shortly.
I decided to try an expirament with Major and leave his shoes off also to see if he gets lame as the others tend to. He seems to be a little tougher than the rest and so I think he might be ok.


All the horses are growing their winter coats and getting fuzzy. Except Jett. he never grows much winter coat. I am dreading cold weather and blanketing all the time. Oh well. I must endure.

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  1. Hope it works out for Major!!! Is that Major in the top picture? His head and face are so alert and pretty.

  2. No, that's Jett in the top pic. Major is the horse I took to the eventing clinic who did so well. He seems to have tougher hooves than the rest.

  3. Jett...Major...Gunny...all your horses are lovely!!!!