Friday, September 11, 2009

There and back....... again.

This week Kevin and I had to take a "lay-up" (recovering from a surgery or other injury) back up to PA to his trainer. We picked up "Song of the West" and he stayed in our barn for the afternoon before continuing up to PA Wednesday night.
It was a little nerve racking to know he is insured for one million dollars; and I was hyper vigilant about making sure things were quiet and peaceful so he didn't get injured, banged up, or stressed out. He was a little (actually HUGE - almost 18 hands) angel and transported easily and was delivered to his owner/trainer in fine condition.
We stayed up at the track for a few hours; poking around the place. I snuck up trackside and took some pics of the horses being exercised there.


The trainer told us the resurfaced the track in August and the new surface was making many of the horses sore.


We grabbed some breakfy in the track kitchen, and watched as "West" had a procedure done to a lump on his neck where he got some injections with "dirty" needles during his surgery a few months ago. He's going to be fine.


Here is the beauty we brought back - "Secret Time." I think we're going to call him "Montana"; but I am also thinking about "Senator" or "Honor." Something noble and strong. Because that is his demeanor - noble and strong. He will be re-homed once I school him a little bit and see what he is going to do. Someone needs to stop me before I really go overboard with horses, here.................

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  1. Hosanna - You are a OTTB rescue organization in one person!!! I love the photos of the track. Is that Philadelphia Park? That is where Pie and Sovey are from. You have to come here and ride with me. I am only 2 hours from there!

  2. OMG Juliette.It IS Philadelphia Park! All our horses came from there!!! Wow! We have a contact with a trainer there. Next time we go up, I will have to see if I can come visit you! I will email you when we set up another trip. We never know when we have to go up; but it might be in a few months. I am thrilled! Yay!