Friday, September 4, 2009

Surprise in the Hay

If you live near or around Virginia, you may have see this magazine before: (The Virginia Horse Journal.)
Last year, I submitted a story for it, and they published it, and paid me 50 whole dollars.
Here is the story for your enjoyment: A Surprise in the Hay.

It was a hot summer afternoon at the farm where I work, taking care of a group of mares and young horses. As I was making my rounds, I noticed the hay barn door was open. I peered into the dark interior, where 200 bales of freshly cut hay had been stacked a few days before. I saw the bales had fallen down, and many were broken and falling apart. Irritated, I started to shut the door when a movement caught my eye. I saw a dark shape, a groundhog, perhaps, move in the hay.
I looked closer and realised the dark shape was Tallie, a little filly. She was upside down on her back under the pile of hay.
Frantically, I began lugging the bales of hay off of her, staying clear of her legs. I carefully checked her over for fractures and other injuries, and hauled her over onto her side. Apparently, she was quite stunned and did not budge an inch for about 30 minutes.
I figured she climbed up the stack of hay and fell with most of it coming down on top of her. When she finally stepped out of the barn, I hosed her off, and watched her walk around and eat before leaving.
Needless to say, the barn door got a better latch, and Tallie has been nowhere near the inside of the hay barn since!

Yep; I got paid $50 for that. I do indeed work taking care of a group of Tennessee Walkers on a farm near mine; and Tallie is one of my favorites. She has the most wonderful, loving, people-friendly personalities ever! She is all grown up now, five years old, (I think) and just as pretty as she can be. This was her little bit of fame.
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  1. Oh, Hosanna, what a great story. Especially because it ended well for Tallie. She is probably people friendly because she remembers once, when she was very small, a kind person helping her out of a tight spot in the hay! Thanks for sharing!