Friday, July 17, 2009

Brownies AND Cupcakes!!!

Last night we had a 4-H club meeting at my barn, and we discussed the upcoming pool party and the food we would bring.
I'd get the pizzas; Abi volunteered chips. Regina would bring drinks and ice; Libby mentioned brownies, and Summer said she'd ask her Mom to make cupcakes. Jane, who was keeping notes in the absence of the Secretary, paused there.

Jane: Wait a second! We can't have brownies and cupcakes!!!
Me: (Chocolaty visions dancing in my head): Oh, yes we can so have brownies and cupcakes, Jane!!!

Horray for brownies! Horray for cupcakes!

My sister, Naomi - my best riding buddy in the whole world, came over to ride Jett this week.

Lookin' cute.......

Lookin' "sprightly"......
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