Monday, July 6, 2009

Riding in the drizzleing rain......

Kevin and I rode the guys on Sunday in the misty drizzle..... but it was so cool out, we had to take advantage of it.
Kevin took these photos as we were headed back in from a little arena work and a little trail ride in the pasture.....

Isn't Major just as cute as can be? And is it me or is he looking a little toed-out? Or, is it just the way he's standing on the uneven ground.....hummm. Will have to look more closely. Every time I look at photos of myself on horseback, I get annoyed with my short chubby legs. Oh, how I long to be the tall, lanky, long-legged rider I am in my dreams........ or maybe I will just start running, as a few of my friends are doing, and my legs will suddenly become the lean mean things I've never had. It is pretty pathetic when you share stirrup lengths with your thirteen year old students, people. Yeah. That's me.

And that's all. There isn't any more....... :)
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