Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Meet Our New Little Lady!!

Whew! What a day! We're all home, safe and sound..............................
Let me start at the beginning:
Last weekend we got a call from our friend the contact at a race track in Philadelphia, PA. where we got our other three OTTTB geldings. They had three horses needing homes ASAP. These calls always come unexpectedly; you never know when they'll be getting rid of horses. First I said no, we couldn't take them but I would check with some other people I knew who might.
One of Kevin's friends from work said he'd take one, and we decided to take the risk and assume one ourselves; a mare. The third horse, a stud colt, was out of the deal as the trainer and his wife decided to keep him for personal use.We left out of here last night at 12:30 am with out four horse stock trailer and Kevin's friend Mike's four-door dually. Our trucks, while they are heavy duty pulling trucks, only have one seat in them; and four of us went up.
We got to Philadelphia Park Race Track about 10 am this morning, after we took a little detour into New Jersey after missing our exit....... tee hee.
They loaded the horses for us and we were off South!
We had one little mishap when the brakes on the left side of the trailer locked and smoke billowed out all over the place.............. luckily Kevin had had the good sense to load a spare tire, heavy duty jack, and tools. They worked on it with the horses still loaded...... it is a heavy enough jack that it handled the trailer and horses. Once they fixed it, we were off again home. The rest of the trip was smooth, the horses traveled well; and we got home around 8:30 tonight.
Kevin unloaded our mare, "Princess of Jazz", and introduced her to some of her new surroundings while I took photos. The white stuff on her legs is a mud poultice; dried into a plaster-like crust on her legs. It comes right off with a gentle rub.
She was a little bit wigged out, of course, but once in her new stall with her oat hay and nice fresh water, and the lights off and the radio on, she calmed a bit. Tomorrow will be her first official day as an x-racehorse and the beginning of the rest of her life as a "horse" horse!
She is a lovely little mare with an excellent lineage. I say "little mare", but she is almost 16 hands I guess, but "littler" than the guys.
The last photo is of one of the trainer's stable barns at the track, where all of out OTTTBs are from.
More on "Jazz" later! I am headed for a nice hot shower and a comfy bed!

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  1. You guys are wonderful! I know the horses appreciate all the time and effort that you graciously give to them. What a nice happy stall and barn for Jazz to start her new life. Well done Hosanna!