Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Products That Make My Barn Go "Round

There are just some things that I cannot do without, and some brands I am extremely partial to when it comes to my horses.

Purina Feeds. Especially Omeline 300 and Strategy Pellets.

Saxon Blankets. These blankets are not the "cheapy" ones, and they're not the super expensive ones, like Rambo. Mine hold up very well, and are very well made. They are a great blanket for a very reasonable price. In fact, I can't believe they're so cheap. I love my Saxon blankets and sheets.

Ariat Boots. I bought my first pair when I was 17 and love them. I lost one of my paddock boots during my last barn move, and I have to buy another pair, soon. They are more expensive than other boots, but your feet will thank you. And if you take care of them, they are an excellent investment.

Hay Nets. These keep the horse's hay contained, giving me less stall mess and less hay wastage.

Bolt Snaps. All my lead lines have bolt snaps. Preferably brass, too.

Repel-X. Flyspray concentrate. One $30 quart makes like 2 gallons. At the tack store, a gallon is like $100.

Lazer-Sheen. Another concentrate I love. Great in tails.

Vertrolin. Great as a liniment or a "brace". I also put it in the horse's bath water when they're suffering from bug bites and other itchies. I love the way it smells, too.

Swat. Clear. It is the only thing that keeps flys off eyes, ears, boo boos, etc.

Old-Fashion Glycerin Saddle Soap. I love the way it makes my tack feel.

Farnam flymasks; the ones with the double Velcro closures; and not ears. My horses hate the ears.

For western riding, a good pair of waxed barrel racing reins. Once the wax stops being sticky, they're soft and pliable, and aren't split so you don't have to worry about dropping them.

Fuzzy girth covers for my tender skinned Thoroughbreds.

Fillis Irons.

Big Horn western Saddles. We have one that has a leather seat and jockeys, and "fake" rear jockeys and fenders. I LOVE that saddle for western riding.


Bull snaps, synthetic tack, colored tack (I'm with George Morris on this), flavored bits? -come on -; Quest Dewormer (My vet advises against it), hackamores, and those Oster grooming brushes; and questionable "training" devices. A running martingale is about all I will do for "training devices."

I am probably leaving something out, that I will pick up out there later and go DUH!! Why did I forget that one??! What do you swear by in your barn?


  1. I am curious about the Quest dewormer. I have used that several times before and didn't know there was anything wrong with it. Why did your vet advise against it?

  2. Tests show that the main drug in it is easier for parasites to build up an immunity to; until it no longer effects them much.
    Also there have been reports of impaction colic cases found to be brought on by masses of migratory worms caught up all at one time in the gut; especially in senior horses. This is according to what I have read and what my vet said he researched. That is not a "final" word on the stuff. Just a opinion. If it works for you, no reason to change. Generally, I think it is a good idea to rotate wormers, anyway.

  3. Yeah, I always rotate mine anyways, but that's good to know about Quest. :)