Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Party Horses

Somebody must have dumped a whole vial of "blond" in my well; because the past two days I have really amazed myself with a consistent "blond" theme to my horsekeeping......
So yesterday, my Sister Naomi came over to ride. I couldn't ride with her, as I had 4-H kids at the barn to do their weekly horse activity for the club. She saddled Jett and rode in the arena; shutting the paddock gate and opening up the pasture gate for access to the arena.
She left, the kids left, and I took my daily jog and a quick swim in the pool before locking up for the night.
This morning, as I turned the corner to go to the barn for AM chores, I saw Gunny standing in the vegetable garden! "GUNNY! What are you doing in there?!" I shrieked. He just looked at me and moseyed on over to where I opened the gate for him to get to the barn.
And all of the other horses, too - they came in single file from the yard around the pool. It seems as though there was a mix-up with the gate closings yesterday when I opened a paddock gate to let the horses into the pasture, the access gate in the corner that my sister used was left open.
I got everyone into their respective stalls and paddocks, and surveyed the damage at the pool - manure everywhere, floaties in the flower beds, chairs and tables knocked over, hoof prints and dirt all over the concrete around the pool..... it looked like a crazy party had taken place all night long!
This afternoon, after work, I pulled up to the barn, walked in, and saw Jett's stall door wide open...... and no Jett in it or around the barn. This is like your front door wide open and your three year old kid missing. "JETT!" I yelled....... just then I saw his huge butt sticking out from the feed room door. That I left open. Yeah. Bright. He had wrecked the barn totally.... strewn a bale of hay all about, pooped in the tack room, played in the grooming brushes, as well as eating all the feed in the feed room. Luckily, it is feed-buying day, and there was only about four lbs. of feed, and a few lbs. of alfalfa cubes. Every last morsel was cleaned up and the containers licked clean as a whistle. How relieved I was that there was hardly anything in there. If it had been the end of the week instead, there would have been 150 lbs of feed and no telling what else; including a hefty vet bill for a stomach tubing. Whew.
I cleaned up everything; including the mess from the horse's pool party last night; and confessed to Kevin, who lectured me about keeping doors shut; feed room doors especially. He's right.
Hopefully this scare will prevent me from doing anything so thoughtless for a few months at least.
Don't cross your fingers......................

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  1. Hosanna! This is my second comment -blogger ate the first one. What a funny post! I am glad all the horses are safe and ok. It is scary with feed. I try to make sure I have absolute quiet when I am leaving the barn. That way I can think through my departure routine. No talking - no cell phones!