Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Products, continued.....

Just as I thought, I would forget a few very great things I love in my tack room: Corona ointment, and Thrush Buster!! Also pictured are some of the things I mentioned earlier.
I love Corona Ointment for skin problems, itchies, creeping crud, dry areas, hooves.... I even use it in the latest healing stages of cuts, as I think it helps the skin repair itself better.
Thrush buster is the bomb - literally. It kills thrush really fast. For thrush I also like Koppertox; except the smell gives me a terrible headache. I bought some of the less stinky Absorbine Thrush Remedy, and it is only so-so. But definitely less stinky, for sure. I had a mare in my lesson program several years ago that had suffered chronic founder. My farrier and I got it under control, but for some reason, after that, she always seemed to have thrush. Nothing worked. Then I read some place about a guy using cattle mastitis antibiotics to zap it. So I got a tube of "Today" and "Tomorrow" cattle mastitis meds and gooped it into her hooves. Killed it slam dead in a matter of a couple applications. So if you have problems with chronic thrush, that not even Thrush Buster kills, try cattle mastitis antibiotics! Most of the products here seem to be Farnam.... interesting.
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